2 thoughts on “Walled City…

  1. Looks a great place. Never been there but would like to go there one day. You haven’t asked for a comment on the composition but could I respectfully offer a thought from my perspective as a landscape photographer. Faced with this sort of scene – moody sky, interesting architecture and sea breaking on cliffs – it does work together but could it be strengthened as a composition? Blocking out the top or bottom 1″ of the photo strengthens the composition for me. Blocking the top retains the impression of the sky’s moodiness but shifts the emphasis to the buildings and cliff area. Block out the bottom 1″ and the emphasis shifts subtly to the drama of the sky and the buildings. It’s a personal decision but hope you don’t mind me offering some thoughts. David

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    • Hi David,
      I appreciate the feedback! Landscape photography isn’t something I do often, but it is something I want to work more on in the future. I’m grateful for the insights! That area of Croatia is definitely beautiful and I highly recommend visiting! 🙂

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