5 thoughts on “A Garden Collection…

  1. The combination of green and blue works really well. I think a slight crop at the top to take out the darker line from the background and perhaps a graduated neutral density (digital) filter applied from top to bottom in post processing to even out the lighting would strengthen the composition. The way you have managed to light the glass to give a hint of its shape works really well I think. I really like this composition, a very subtle, restful colour combination.

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    • Hi! Thank you for the comment and the suggestions. I agree, cropping out the top portion would have added to image. I did experiment with that in some other versions, but it threw off my proportions a bit. I’m still relatively new at post-processing with a program that offers in depth editing, so I haven’t done a lot with different filters. At your suggestion, I will definitely look into using the neutral density filter in the future. Thanks again!


      • You seem to have a strong artistic eye for a still-life composition and that’s much more important than being an expert with editing software. The graduated filter suggestion is a pretty easy one to implement – it just entails drawing a line on the screen with the grad filter tool selected and then making the adjustment in exposure or other variable. I don’t see myself as an expert photographer but if you don’t mind me saying I think the first thing to think about with this image is how do I get a more even lighting of the background so it doesn’t have to be adjusted in post-processing, I might also consider setting the ‘black point’ from the background so that it becomes less obtrusive. I don’t know what software you’re using but it’s easier to do than it might sound. Keep up the good work, I’m really glad I recently discovered your blog.

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