Yellowstone Part II…

Today seems like good day for another post on Yellowstone. I’ve been there a few times. The first time, there was this incessant need to try and hit all of the most popular spots (old faithful, etc), because it’s Yellowstone, you have to! On my most recent trip, however, I realized the freedom that now comes with visiting the same place more than once. I can avoid the crowds and the places everyone else wants to be, and search instead for the quieter parts of the park. I don’t have to be driven by the certain time frames the geysers are supposed to go off, I can plan my own day. Don’t get me wrong! The geysers and the popular places are amazing, but taking the time to see the more secluded parts have a value all their own!

National Parks 609 National Parks 512 National Parks 542 National Parks 397 National Parks 462 National Parks 538 DSC_0141National Parks 580


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